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The Talent Journey

Female Student

1st Year

Anna was one of over 45,000 students applying to UNC each year, and about 10% (roughly 4,500) will be admitted.  Honors Carolina selects approximately 10% (roughly 450) of those UNC 1st year students into the prestigious Honors Carolina program.  Anna will complete a more rigorous academic journey with a minimum of 24 credits of honors level classes, yet it's the additional application of our Come Here. Go Anywhere. initiative that really differentiates our students.

As a 1st year student Anna will complete a 14-week course designed to maximize her college experience — her additional training spans maximizing her strengths, bias exploration, diversity engagement, identifying mentors, overcoming fears, learning to fail, and finding her personal wellness foundation — and she'll do this work with other students, as well as 1:1 with an Honors Carolina coach.

As a 2nd year student Anna will work the plan she developed with her coach while completing an additional course focusing on critical thinking skills, alignment of her strengths, passion and academic major, and engage hypothetical career projects that let her explore areas of interest within real opportunities.  This often leads to an internship, study abroad, or academic research.

As a 3rd and 4th year student Anna will refine her plan, aligning her definition of a successful career and a purposeful life through projects, research, internships and other opportunities that help her discover the career she'd most like to engage upon graduation.

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